Show and Tell – Fun RF monitor

I found this piece of cool tech from Cornet. The Electrosmog meter, they cost about $180.00. Its fast and it works well for its size, but it is only for relative measurements. Many times that’s all we need. Personal RF monitors have drastically come down in price. I don’t know if they will ever become common hardware store items, but at least they are becoming affordable. The removable SMA type antenna lends to more testing options rather than strictly localized monitoring. I’m look forward to using it in high RF environments to see how it performs. Many times we need a quick relative level check before plugging in an expensive analyzer. I’ve made the expensive mistake of of frying an analyzer with RF overload in the past. The Electrosmog should give me a cheap and quick way to detect RF levels that are too high for expensive gear. Special thanks to Larry Holtz for tipping me off to this device.