Tower & Antenna

We specialize in providing full service tower work supported by field inventory and a flexible “on-call” schedule.  Emergency off air challenges can happen at any hour and we are available nights and on weekends to address most issues.  Many problems are caught and rectified with our comprehensive tower inspections and reports. We use thermal imaging to detect imminent catastrophic failures in antenna and feel line systems before they become expensive.

Services We Provide:

  • Tower Painting
  • Tower Inspection Reports
  • Antenna Thermal Analysis Surveys
  • Tower Dismantle and Construction
  • Wire Coatings
  • Tower Lighting and Re-lamping
  • Antenna and tower Repairs
  • Plumbing and Tension
  • Feed line installation and repair
  • Antenna and Antenna Sweeps

With 20 years experience in the broadcast industry, Woods Communications has the knowledge and experience to repair and install entire systems, rather than ‘parts and pieces’. This means lower installation costs for your company, and fewer contractors to coordinate.