Our changing economy has placed new demands on broadcast facility owners and operators in recent years.  Add to that the fact that qualified engineers are becoming difficult to find.  Now, the usual and difficult challenge of growing a healthy bottom line in our climate has been met with an unprecedented need to manage “top down” expenses like never before.  It’s an unusual problem, but it’s not impossible. Woods Communications has the experience and technology to help you keep overhead low while adhering to FCC compliance.

I personally been in the radio industry for 25 years. I’ve learned that technology keeps evolving and driving our industry in new and exciting directions. Deregulation, corporate interest, consolidation, and the internet are just a few of the changes that have kept me on the edge of technology and education over the years. Woods Communications, Inc. was formed to both offer facilities maintenance, and to serve niche needs of broadcasters that staff engineers may not be qualified or equipped to handle.

Maintaining the distribution network and studio facility of a broadcast operation is the most obvious task.  However, the license is without a doubt the most important asset to a radio station.  Protecting the broadcast license through compliance at best can seem obscure and challenging.  Broadcasters must fulfill periodic requirements with respect to FCC rule and regulations the governing public broadcast facilities, as outlined in Title 47, parts 73 and 74 of the Code of Federal Regulations (“CFR”).  Some of the rules in the CFR require specialized equipment and advanced knowledge to adhere to. Woods Communications is able to consult with broadcast licensees regarding license protection through compliance.

License protection may be job number one, but protecting other assets is also a high priority. We are well suited to maintain various platforms of both live and automated broadcast studio and transmitter facilities.  We’ve consolidated broadcast facilities, built Hybrid Digital (HD) stations, and erected towers. Our expertise from years of experience have enabled us to handle all components that comprise radio and TV signal chains.  Our staff is certified with the Society of Broadcast Engineers and we hold the highest level of certification with the SBE of Certified Professional Broadcast Engineer (CPBE).

I formed Woods Communications, Inc. as an answer to one of our industry’s most unusual problems. Qualified engineers are very difficult to find, yet solid engineering is needed to prevent expensive equipment failures and even loss of the license.  Keeping an engineering staff to maintain the distribution network of a broadcast facility has now become a luxury only larger markets can afford.  Woods Communications contract services can help fill the gap.

Making the move to contract engineering isn’t for every operation, but Woods Communications has been formed to partner with those who see the need to operate in a different way.

My goal is to partner with your operation. We can take on the tasks of managing expenses and liability while maintaining stability through emergency response, innovative technology, preventative maintenance and compliance. There is a new “normal” of operation in our industry.  It is challenging, but we can do this.

Tom Woods (President)